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eXo Platform is an all-in-one digital workplace solution that helps you connect, align and engage your teams around a single interface. You can use it to improve company and peer-to-peer communication, boost collaboration and manage company knowledge.

To achieve this, eXo Platform offers a rich set of features such as enterprise social networking (people profiles, directory, activity streams, notifications, etc.), corporate or team spaces, document management, content publishing, wikis, calendars, task management, forums, polls, private or team chat, video calls, and search function for quickly finding any information. The platform also helps boost employee engagement through gamification, reward programs, employee recognition tools and more.

Features can be switched on or off according to your needs. You can brand and personalize the interface of the platform, build internal resource centers, news areas, collaborative spaces, communities and tailor each one of them with all the content and apps you need.

The platform is accessible from any web browser. Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are also available and allow users on the go to be notified about important things through push notifications and access all of the platform’s features.

The platform is open-source-based and has long bet on flexibility, standards and interoperability. Several extension points and APIs allow developers to extend and customize it or leverage its 40+ community add-ons. eXo has a very solid experience supporting enterprise clients since 15 years, including government, defence, financial, retail, healthcare, education and tech organizations.


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Knwoledge Management

Employee Engagement

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